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Recycled Tire Mats, Handmade, Door Mats, Doormats, matting, rubber, safety mats Rubber Safety Mats from Recycled Tires, Made in USA
Recycling Used Tires Recycling Used Tires
From 1989-2001, you may have seen the "Matmobile" and my hand weaving demonstrations, at weekend events/flea markets in 38 states, all year 'round!

Hauling all the parts in bulk, assembling all my inventory and doing my own shipping got to be harder, in time, to keep up with demand! Thanks to all my "road show" customers for great visits! It's the same great mats now, direct from the factory I've worked with!

Recycling Used Tires
Helping Clean up the Environment
I work for one of the original tire recyclers, helping to produce great products and clean up this type of environmental headache for years now!
These were truck tire sidewalls. Don't get your arm in this strip cutter; it peels about 25 feet off each tire in short order! An equally monstrous punch press produces the links with weaving holes at set spacing. Recycled
truck and curb bumpers
C'mon back, c'mon back - BOOM!
In an industrial symbiosis, we contract with several trucking firms for tire discards one way, and new bumpers for their docks the other way. These dock bumpers are made from recycled tires with all the steel wire in the tread.
We grind the whole car tire. The steel is removed by magnets. What's left is a super-spongey product for playgrounds, track and field, or horse tracks. You can mulch with it, too. This is Eco-Deck on a bumper but consider it on no-slip boat decks, sidewalks, ramps, or steps. Call me for pricing.
truck bumpers
Recycled Tire Shredder

Larger tire chips with wire where it doesn't matter! It looks great in red or black, keeps moisture in, bugs and weeds out. You only have to lay it down once! It's pricey but worth it.

Shredding centers are in New York and Florida.

Want more info on rubber mulch & ecodeck? is your contact for these products!

Rubber Mulch made from Recycled Tires
Rubber mulch - good for gardens and planters!

Vehicle Bumpers
The matmobile has a special vehicle bumper, front and rear! And our giant wheel chocks really hold things in place! Call me for chocks or custom-made bumpers.

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Wow! Matman finds a
Recycled Tire Lounge Chair
in Miami Beach!

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"Recycling is Good For our Earth!"

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Our troops keep us free, Matman keeps our Navy's decks free of gun shell damage, wow! Tough mats indeed!

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