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Recycled Tire Mats, Handmade, Door Mats, Doormats, matting, rubber, safety mats Rubber Safety Mats from Recycled Tires, Made in USA

"Slip-No-More" Safety Runners
For Entries, Pool/Spa, Tub/Shower, Garage!

Use a recycled tire mat runner as an approach to the doormat! These long mats provide sure footing and drainage. The 20" width is very popular as a standard runner width. Shown at left is the 12' length.

The mat above weighs 50 lbs at 2.5 lbs. per sq. ft. - love that roll-back for easy cleaning!

Track less dirt back indoors by using a runner for your path to the BBQ or outdoor pool!

outdoor rubber mats
rubber mats around the hot tub

No Slip Mats  
Beat a "Hot Path" to the tub, with no slip mats!!

Peace of mind around your pool / spa / hot tub! Custom sizes are my specialty, at 10$ per sq. ft.

custom no-slip runners
public shower mats
  • These runners are ideal for the handicapped. They can be attached to inclined ramps. Avoid injuries, use mats!

  • The walkways are custom made. Here's a 12' long, 36" wide runner for a safe trip to the doormat!

  • Runners can also be used for nonslip and water drainage. Use around spas and pools, as well as handicapped ramps and equipment.

  • These Non-Slip Shower Mats were custom made to size for RV Park showers! Great "liability" item for public use - camps, schools, institutions - affordable safety!

Be safe in your own shower/tub! This 17" x 36" tub strip fits most just right, and figures to just $42.50 at the custom rate of $10.00 per sqft. It buys plenty of peace-of-mind while bathing, and check the easy roll-up/stand-up for drying between uses! Order one now on my "Custom Order Form", or "Request a Quote" for your own sized wet-area matting!

"Slip-No-More" safety walkway mats!

Summer OR Winter!
rubber garage mats - easy clean rubber garage mats - easy clean
No Slip Step Strips Wow! 10"x36" "No-Slip Step Strips"!  These figure to 25$ each at the custom rate of 10$ per sq. ft., or let Matman quote you on custom step strips of any size; click HERE!

Wow, look at all the stuff not coming in- glad you know the Matman! Custom Step Strips

Custom Step Strips Customize your step-strips and landing mats to prevent slip/fall hazards! Matman can build 'em to your specs!
Wow, mixed up sizes? Matman makes ANY steps safer! Click on this quote form & send your measurements!
"One slip/trip to the clinic buys a lot of step matting!"

"Remember, some good hot water melts and cleans your "step strips" all winter long!" " Be safe, use

For "peace of mind", mats can be fastened down on one side; use large "fender" washers, 1 1/4" size fits just right over the V-shaped holes. Secure in both corners and you still can roll 'em for easy maintanence!!

"Wow, custom step strips, made to your specs! Don't slip and trip!"


Garage Mats to your Specifications!
rubber garage mats - easy clean no slip recycled tire mats For those wet or slippery garage floors, be safe, stay dry! Mats can even be attached to garage walls for "no scuff" where the car doors open!

"Stay safe, use Garage Runner Mats!"
"WOW! Get all your gear up off the garage floor, like this customers' snow blowers! See my "vehicle/animal/marine" page for more good places for "gear matting applications!"

"Stay dry and safe in any wet area! Here's a wash-rack at a car dealership! Measure up and let Matman help you!"
"At Lake Erie Transit in Monroe MI, they've got crowds coming in from several busses daily; better get a grip on traffic with these sections of tire mat runners!"

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Our troops keep us free, Matman keeps our Navy's decks free of gun shell damage, wow! Tough mats indeed!

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